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Closeout Specials

These items are final sale closeouts at bargain prices. Stencils are now reduced. Please view them under the "Stenciling" category.

  • Chinese Compo Gold Leaf packed by Everbright Chinese Compo Gold Leaf packed by Everbright

    Chinese Metal Leaf

    We are closing out all Chinese leaf! This is your chance to do a gilding project on a budget! All of our remaining stock is priced at over 50% off for final sale. This inexpensive leaf  comes in books of 100 leaves, and unbound packs (with...

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  • Check Graining Roller 4-Inch - Used, Like New

    Check Roller will apply glaze or stain of your choice in straight bands to create pores seen in Oak and other fine hardwoods. Metal discs move separately to produce fine broken pores Load a brush with the the glaze or stain and place it on top of the...

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  • CO.ME Plastic Venetian Plaster Trowel

    CO.ME Plastic Venetian Plaster Trowel

    Please note: There are slight marks (not scratches) on the bed of the trowel. These marks will not affect the performance of the trowel. Just two at this special price! Plastic trowels are not only recommended for light colored Venetian plasters but...

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  • Sulyn Glitter

    Bright and sparkling glitter for a variety of projects Comes in a handy shaker style jar Easy to apply and use with a craft glue Provides the perfect texture needed Add to Meoded Cystal Brush for extra sparkle 7.5-Ounce jar, 8-Ounce Jar

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  • Everbright Copper Schaibin / Tamise 25-Gram

    Everbright Copper Schaibin / Tamise 25-Gram

    CLOSEOUT SPECIAL! Over 75% off original price! This is Chinese Schaibin. It is of moderate quality and in small pieces - closer to Tamise Flakes than you typical high quality Scaibin. Copper Schaibin is used for creating broken leaf finishes. Copper...

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