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Gilding Sealers

  • DUX Topcoat Clear Gloss, One Quart DUX Topcoat Clear Gloss, 4 oz (packed for Sepp Gilding Workshop)

    DUX Gilder's Acrylic Topcoat Clear

    DUX Topcoat is a non-reactive, mineral spirit based, water-clear, non-yellowing acrylic sealer for both genuine and metal leaf Made from acrylic co-polymers which provides protection from abrasion, water and alcohol.  The Topcoat can be tinted...

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  • Liberon Pale French Polish

    Liberon Pale French Polish

    Liberon Special Pale French Polish is a near colorless, transparent polish made from the finest quality blonde de-waxed shellac.  De-waxing is important as many shellacs are bleached instead of dewaxed (a more costly process) and can yellow and...

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  • Polyvine Multi Surface Clear Primer

    Clear water based primer, durable, fast drying, sandable Ideal for ceramic tiles, synthetic surfaces, grp, upvc, glass, previously painted surfaces Also perfect for bare metal: iron, steel, galvanised metals, aluminum, brass, chrome, copper For...

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  • Sepp Leaf Acrylic Clear Coat 4-Ounce

    Sepp Leaf Acrylic Clear Coat is a high gloss, durable top coat for genuine or imitation gold leaf, aluminum, copper, or genuine silver leaf. This sealer produces a long lasting film protecting the leafed surface from abrasion and tarnishing. Acrylic...

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