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Glass Beads, Glister-Sharded Glass

  • Reflective Glass Beads, Airport Grade 12-30 Mesh. Reflective Glass Beads for Surface Effect

    Reflective Glass Beads for Surface Effect

    These reflective beads are made from recycled soda glass so the larger beads will have a blue/green cast. The smaller beads will reflect more light from the surface of the bead and will appear to be more white.  The beads may be mixed into clear...

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    Sharded Glass Silver Sharded Glass Gold

    Sharded Metallic Glass Solvent Resistant

    Made in Germany, sharded glass is often known as German glitter and is mostly found with hobby and craft supplies. However the variety of glass we carry has a base coat of real silver which is sealed and colored with a solvent resistant coat so the glass...

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