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Metallic & Glitter Paint

  • Polyvine Glitter Paint Maker

    Polyvine Glitter Paint Maker

    A shimmering metallic glitter additive for any water based paint or varnish giving sparkles of light to your finish.  - Adds metallic sparkles to your paint or varnish - 75 gram Jar (2.6 ounces) Simply mix with your choice of colored paint or...

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  • Polyvine Metallic Paint Pale Gold

    Polyvine Metallic Paint Pale Gold

    Simply brushes on easily giving a rich deep color, creating a subtle metallic sheen. The unusual mica pigment dries to a genuine metallic sheen which can be polished to a high shine. It has a rich deep color and very good covering power, ideal for a...

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  • Ronan Aqua Leaf Aqua Leaf

    Ronan Aqua Leaf

    Aqua Leaf paints are fluid enamel like paints that provide a range of metallic and pearlescent effects. They are water based, weather and fade resistant with built in UV protection, making them popular with marine applications. Their flexibility allows...

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  • Ronan Aqua Ron-Glow Colors

    Ronan Aqua Ron-Glow Colors

    Aqua Ron-Glo Fluorescent Color is water based, lead free, daylight fluorescent coating with built in ultra violet protection formulated for the graphics arts industry. It dries to a bright fluorescent, flexible, weather & fade resistant, velvet...

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  • Liberon Iron Paste 250ml

    Liberon Iron Paste 250ml

    Black graphite paste for protecting and decorating cast and wrought ironwork. Liberon Iron Paste is a black graphite paste producing a silver/black look to decorative cast and wrought ironwork in the home. It is specially suited for ornamental ironwork,...

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