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Rags, Cheesecloth & Sponges

  • Natural 100% Cotton Waste

    100% Cotton Waste

    These are the left over warp threads from industrial looms after a weave run has finished.  They are either bleached or natural cotton. While cotton waste is used for the stuffing for making French polish rubbers (applicators), it is also invaluable...

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  • Chamois for Softening and Blending

     This genuine artist chamois is pliable and highly absorbent. Ideal for softening and blending for realistic marble and wood-grain effects 1 Piece/Package-5"x7" Size Use damp (not soaking wet) Crumple or twist in a rope-like shape and apply...

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  • Cheese Cloth

    Product Details PAINT-FORCE 36200 2 Sq Yds./1.67m2 CHEESE CLOTH  Individually packaged Absorbent, Bleached White Cotton Lint Free, Reusable Traditional uses: Applying finishes and polishing Ideal for applying or softening...

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  • Sea Wool Sponges

    Natural Sea Sponges are ideal for art, faux finishes and home décor. Use the sponge with acrylics, oils, watercolors and fabric paints or dyes. 

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