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  • Best-Test Pik-Up Rubber Cement Eraser

      Best-Test Rubber Cement Eraser will remove dried liquid Frisket from a stenciled wall or mural wall after painting. Useful for removing liquid masks from painted marble surfaces, such as pink or violet Breche. Easily Removes Liquid Masking...

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  • Chamois for Softening and Blending

     This genuine artist chamois is pliable and highly absorbent. Ideal for softening and blending for realistic marble and wood-grain effects 1 Piece/Package-5"x7" Size Use damp (not soaking wet) Crumple or twist in a rope-like shape and apply...

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  • Liquitex free-style Paddle Brush

    The Liquitex free-style Paddle Brush has a shorter length out of the ferrule to allow for easy movement thick color and mediums. Useful for broad marks and edges. Available in 1",2",3" & 4" size. Stainless Steel Ferrule, Contoured Black Satin Handle,...

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  • Liquitex free-style Splatter Brush

    Liquitex free-style Splatter Brush

    The Liquitex free-style Splatter Brush creates anything from an extremely fine spatter for antiquing leaf to a heavy spatter for rendering paint or tar splashes found on old brick walls. Size of the spatter depends on the viscosity of the glaze or...

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  • Richeson Rubber Wipe Out Tool

    Richeson Rubber Wipe Out Tool removes wet paints quickly and accurately with two different tips. (6.375" length) Ideal for wood-graining; remove wet paint to simulate quarter-sawn oak, crotch mahogany and bird's eye maple. Remove or blend...

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