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Wood Care

  • Polyvine Exterior Woodstain

      Decorative polymer protection for exterior wood Waterproof Does not blister or peel Very high solids for extra durability UV protective filters Microporous Biocides protect against algae, mildew and fungal attack A waterproof,...

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  • Polyvine Exterior Woodstain Oil

    Polyvine Exterior Woodstain Oil

      Revitalize, protect and show off interior and exterior wood in a silky sheen oil finish Very high solids. Solid treatments typically hold up for at least three years with correct application, the longest overall of all woodstain...

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  • Natural 100% Cotton Waste

    100% Cotton Waste

    These are the left over warp threads from industrial looms after a weave run has finished.  They are either bleached or natural cotton. While cotton waste is used for the stuffing for making French polish rubbers (applicators), it is also invaluable...

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  • Assorted Bridled Glue Brushes Handover Bridled Glue Brush

    Handover Bridled Glue Brush

    Our glue brushes move heavy pastes, glues, epoxies, solder or any viscous material efficiently and economically. These brushes can also be used for Liming and Stenciling in hard-to-reach areas or where more force is desired. Bridled Glue brushes...

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  • Liberon Black Polish

    Liberon Black Polish is a black stained French Polish that is suitable for ebonising. It can be applied with a French Polishing mop or with a rubber in accordance with traditional French Polishing techniques. Performance - High quality French...

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  • Liberon Finishing Oil

    Liberon Finishing Oil

    This easy, durable, non-toxic oil finish has been approved safe for toys! A blend of high quality oils, resins and dryers, Liberon Finishing Oil resists water, heat, alcohol and food acids, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other high-use areas...

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  • Liberon Furniture Brush

    Liberon Furniture Brush   Purpose Liberon Furniture Brushes are designed for buffing wax polishes on finished furniture. Made with high quality pure bristles that will not scratch finished surfaces, the curved brush reduces the chance of knocking...

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  • Liberon Pale French Polish

    Liberon Pale French Polish

    Liberon Special Pale French Polish is a near colorless, transparent polish made from the finest quality blonde de-waxed shellac.  De-waxing is important as many shellacs are bleached instead of dewaxed (a more costly process) and can yellow and...

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  • Liberon Water-Based Palette Wood Dye

    Liberon Palette Wood Dyes are ideal for dying / colouring all interior bare wood work, whilst leaving the natural beauty of the grain visible. For use prior to oil, wax, varnish and French polish finishes they are suitable for both soft and hardwoods...

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  • Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Clear (Spray)

    There is still no other finish that enhances the depth and natural beauty of wood like shellac. The finish will not yellow or darken with age like polyurethanes. Clear finish with a light golden color Dewaxed-Seals wood for all oil-based...

  • Liberon Teak Oil with UV Filter

    Nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard woods. Liberon Teak Oil is a blend of pure tung oil and linseed oil which nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of hard/exotic woods, including teak and iroko. With added UV filters for protection...

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  • Liberon Beeswax Paste

    Liberon Beeswax Paste

    Liberon Liquid Beeswax is ideal for nourishing absorbent woods such as pine and oak, especially unsealed. It is particularly suitable for large and very dry surfaces such as beams, floors, doors and staircases. Performance - Traditional wax that...

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  • Liberon Pure Tung Oil

    A natural, fine and pure oil, Tung Oil is the premium oil for wood care. Liberon Pure Tung Oil is highly resistant to water, alcohol and food acids. Providing a hard wearing finish it is ideal for surfaces such as kitchen worktops, tables and all high...

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  • Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish Satin

    Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish Satin

    Polyvine Clear Wax Finish Varnish is a high performance acrylic varnish with a satin finish that brushes on easily to protect interior and exterior woodwork with a traditional wax-like finish. Protects all timber surfaces with a highly durable, water...

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  • Liberon Superior Danish Oil with UV Filter

    Feeds and protects hard and soft woods. Liberon Superior Danish Oil is a blend of pure tung oil and natural oils which protect hard and soft woods. It is a penetrating oil, which brings out the natural grain of the timber and provides a satin to gloss...

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  • Polyvine Wood Dye

    Polyvine Wood Dye (Wood Colour Stain and Seal) is an easy to use wood stain formulated to prevent overlap marks, producing a professional finish. Polyvine Wood Colours are intermixable, giving a limitless range of possibilities to color and enrich the...

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  • Liberon Wax and Polish Remover

    Liberon Wax and Polish Remover

    Removes old wax, dirt, smoke and everyday grime from antique and modern wood furniture. Liberon Wax and Polish Remover removes old wax, dirt, smoke and everyday grime from antique and modern wood furniture. It is also suitable for use on interior...

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  • Polyvine Oil Colourant

    Polyvine's oil colorants make wood-graining so much easier for the professional painter. They have been designed to imitate some of the most popular wood-grains so that you spend less time mixing on the job site. If you need to tweak the color, use a...

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  • Liberon Steel Wool - Grade 0000

    Liberon Steel Wool - Grade 0000

    Liberon Steel Wool is produced using a high quality steel to create crumble and dust resistant wool that is virtually oil free. Performance- High quality steel wool for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal finishes - Ideal...

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  • Liberon Carnauba Wax Flakes 250g

    Liberon Carnauba Wax is a very hard natural wax that has a variety of uses, including adding to Liberon Purified Beeswax for making furniture polish which gives a high gloss sheen. It can also be used for making wood turning sticks. Performance - Hard...

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  • Liberon Easy French Polish

    Liberon Easy French Polish is ideal for use on furniture, carved woodwork etc. Easy to use it is ideal for beginners and will beautifully enhance the wood’s natural finish. Performance - Easy to use French polish that produces great results...

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  • Light, Medium and Dark toned sets of three Filler Sticks Pack of Shellac Filler Sticks, Medium

    Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks Set of 3

    Purpose Shellac Filler Sticks are the traditional repair sticks for filling holes and cracks prior to French polishing, lacquering and varnishing. Performance - For filling holes and cracks in finished and unfinished wood prior to French...

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  • Sixteen shades of colored waxes for filling nail holes, scratches and cracks.  Each stick is 50 grams the the colors run from opaque white through ebony. Liberon Wax Filler Stick 50g

    Liberon Wax Filler Stick 50g

    Wax Filler Sticks Repairs cracks, splits and small to medium sizes holes. Purpose Liberon Wax Filler Sticks are available in a wide range of wood colours. The advantages of an application without a heat source and no shrinkage make them ideal...

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  • Liberon Burnishing Cream

    Liberon Burnishing Cream is designed to clean, revive and rejuvenate highly polished surfaces such as French Polish, lacquers and varnishes. This cream can also be used to remove haze and bloom from most modern finishes. It will also clean ivory,...

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  • Liberon Purified Beeswax

    Liberon Purified Beeswax

    100% pure beeswax for making furniture polish and lubricating drawer runners. This unbleached "purified" beeswax can be dissolved in pure turpentine for making your own Beeswax polish.

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  • Liberon Wood Bleach

    Pre-made and ready to use. No mixing needed. This Oxalic acid based bleach is ideal for removing ink, rust and water stains from wood. It will also lighten some darker woods. Can be neutralized with water. Apply with a brush. No mixing required Ideal...

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